SD Cards are not all the same. Digital storage cards produced in our house excel with faster data transfer and optional write protection.

Special software solutions for high capacity

Thanks to our special software solutions and the latest technologies, we are always able to duplicate SD cards, SDHC cards and even microSD cards for our customer on short notice, if necessary. However, the high capacity of our SD cards is not the only outstanding feature they have.

The highest level of security

As a duplication provider, we offer you temporary and permanent write protection for all of these small giants among the storage media. We take the appropriate steps in our duplication process to
guarantee the highest level of security for your data.

No data loss

Data loss is nearly impossible. Whether it be SD, microSD, miniSD or SDHC cards, we are the perfect match. Have a look at our Flash Media product portfolio. We are happy to provide you with a customized storage application to fit your physical storage needs.


Mike Glover
Executive Vice President Sales and Service
Phone: +1 765-994-7275


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