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Microplastic structures

CDA is a recognized leader in the microplastic structure manufacturing field. Our endeavors in micro-optics and microfluidics have revolutionized the medical, environmental, and life science fields. In recent years, CDA’s traditional injection molding method was modified to the extent that it became a private, patented process for successful mass-production of microfluidic and micro-optical components. With our comprehensive understanding of engineering and our flexibility in the production process, we have proven to be a successful entity in the many areas of microstructural applications.

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Reducing costs and improving performance

By cutting costs while still improving performance, we have positioned ourselves as a cost-effective supplier of microstructural components. We have followed the trend toward miniaturization and have successfully made our products smaller. We have also reduced costs further by replacing traditional materials, such as glass and silicon, with plastic. Our flexible production processes and fully-integrated infrastructure allow us to reduce your product’s time to market, so you don’t have to wait nearly as long with our services.

Quality management throughout the entire production cycle

CDA’s commitment to quality management is critical in meeting the needs of our customers. Therefore, we monitor the product through every phase of the production cycle. Each production step is carried out in-house, from mastering and injection molding, to assembly and isolation, finally to packaging and shipping.


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