We introduce: Microfunctional Solutions

What does that really mean, functional? CDA GmbH has developed its own answer to that question.
With its μFunctional Solutions, it enters highly innovative territory.

CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, optical discs. These are the products which CDA GmbH has been known and popular for up to now. Its wish to enhance creativity, its ever increasing curiosity and its strong desire to widen its scope of products have lead CDA to build up two more business units since 2005, which are independent, yet closely intertwined: „Flash Media“ (non-optical
media, such as SD cards or SSD, mainly for the automotive industry) and the whole pride of CDA‘s research: „Micro Functional Solutions“.

This highly innovative business unit is mainly engaged in micro-optics and microfluidics, besides printable electronic circuits. In micro-optics, optical elements are made of different plastics used in mechanical engineering, in the automotive industry or in consumer electronics. Microfluidics, on the other hand, deal with consumables for medicine, food and biotechs. Classic examples are the so-called lab-on-chip systems used to analyze small quantities of liquids. Cell containers or cell counters are also part of these consumer goods.

For the new areas, the machinery of CDA GmbH has been extended significantly. But quality and environmental awareness are still at the top of its priorities: since this year, the company‘s been working according to the quality standard TS16949 and the environmental standard ISO 14001.

For more information about the new units, please see here.


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