Why Lab-on-chips are so important

Microfluidics deals with the handling of small quantities of liquid - in point-of-care tests, for example. The miniaturization of analytical systems has led to significant improvements, such as shorter analysis times, lower reagent consumption, and greater mobility. Therefore, lab-on-chips are becoming increasingly important in many different markets.

Our markets:

  • Point-of-care Testing and Molecular Diagnostics
  • Life Science
  • Food and Environmental Analysis,
  • Forensics
  • Microchemistry

Microfluidics in plastic

Since the first microfluidic systems were developed in the early 1990s, polymers have been used in lab-on-chip applications. It is more cost-efficient to produce lab-on-chips from polymer fluidic systems as opposed to glass. Polymers such as PMMA or polystyrene are widely used materials for laboratory vessels and are highly biocompatible. It is possible to bring the laboratory to the patient, because we utilize disposable articles for the diagnostic applications, which reduces the risk of contamination.

Microfluidics at CDA

CDA is confident in regards to the injection molding of micro-structured surfaces due to our vast experience in optical media production,. We can produce a large quantity of copies from a single master while maintaining consistent quality, and we offer many different services including mastering, molding, and separating. Injection molding and injection compression molding allow us to create packing structures for cell culture in the sub-micron range, including complex channel systems, columns and trenches, and microstructured surfaces. Depending on the application of different polymers, such as polycarbonate, PMMA, COC, COP, etc., microfluidics may be used to ensure optical quality and biocompatibility.

Integrated Systems

An important aspect in the development of micro-functional solutions is the integration of various components such as electrodes, optical elements, and channels. CDA combines microfluidics, micro-optics, and printed electronics to create each individual product. We print circuits and electrodes; we also combine optical components, such as lenses or diffractive beam shapers, with microfluidic systems.

CDA - Your Partner

Whether you have an idea for a project, want to produce your first prototypes, or want to find a manufacturer for your product series, CDA is the right partner for you. We support you through every step of the way and offer customized solutions that fit your needs.


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