Security for your rights

As part of our investment in a Blu-ray production line, CDA has also added AACS to its range of copy protection systems. This method of copy protection (Advanced Access Content System) has been developed especially for high-definition formats and its encryption method guarantees a high degree of security for the content to be protected. Another component of copy protection for Blu-ray Discs is the BD-ROM MARK. This is a physical mark on the Blu-ray Disc applied during the glass mastering process. Both copy protection methods are mandatory for a Blu-ray Disc production facility. Optionally BD+ can also be added. This is a part of rights management and this copy protection mechanism is implemented by the content owner or their authoring studio.

CDA is an AACS licensee and member of the Blu-ray Disc Association and so is able to perform all the steps needed for integrating copy protection mechanisms in-house. The content owner must have concluded a licence agreement with the AACS LA to place an order for Blu-ray production.

As a result of piracy the film, music and software industries suffer multimillion-dollar losses every year. CDA works with other well-known manufacturers of copy protection, systems such as ProtectDisc and Rovi, to counter this trend. These systems can be used to protect CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs and DVD Videos.




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