The CDA (former Oem) Supply Chain Advantage 
A customer centered commitment combined with unmatched resources and experience

CDA (former Oem) can handle the most complex orders because we are extremely flexible and have a broad array of capabilities. What’s more, we are able to deliver the highest performance standards possible, because we have a core competency in process engineering. We start by identifying your needs, then we map it, build it, improve it and deploy it. Most importantly, we control and measure it with CDA´s (former Oem’s) exclusive Perfect Order Score.

The bottom line is that we are truly customer centric and able to deliver on the promise of your total satisfaction. Your Oem sales rep is there every step as well, taking responsibility for your account and ensuring we do everything possible to meet and exceed your expectations. CDA (former Oem) is also fully committed to the continuous improvement of quality, technical support, delivery and cost management.

The Perfect Order Score – CDA (former Oem) Supply Chain goes further than most because our operations are built on principals of Lean Six Sigma standards. Our exclusive Perfect Order Score measures the entire customer experience at every step in the supply chain to ensure high performance. The Perfect Order Score tracks everything, from the time an order is placed all the way through planning, production, delivery, fulfillment and ultimately to the final invoice. All our employees, from the top down, are measured on this core metric along with many others.

Account and Project Management – At CDA (former Oem) your total satisfaction begins with professional account management. Your account manager is an extension of your business, acting as your eyes, ears and voice at our facility. They bring you transparency and value-added consultative services, leveraging Oem’s large pool of experts and specialists to help keep you organized, solve problems and provide the options you need to make smart decisions.

Full Supply Chain Services – CDA (former Oem) Supply Chain provides a full value stream of services to meet a wide range of distribution needs, including business-to-business, direct-to-retail and direct-to-consumer shipping options. Our high performance capabilities include:

Procurement and Product Sourcing – In order to provide the fullest range of options, CDA (former Oem) augments its in-house operations with a network of third party support. Our teams of procurement and product sourcing specialists have deep industry knowledge and experience. They follow strict procedures for vetting vendors and certifying quality. We make sure that every vendor we use in the outsourcing process is completely up to our Perfect Order standards.

Performance Labor Management – If you have core processes that need to be kept in-house CDA Oem can help improve your workflow performance, allowing you to optimize your own operations. You’ll save time and money, plus eliminate mistakes. Our Lean Six Sigma experts can provide value chain mapping and consultative services to engineer high performance solutions that are built to suit your unique in-house needs. Oem also manages your labor and will tie pay directly to employee performance.


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