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Oem Changes Name to CDA

Charlotte, NC, December 23, 2014 -­‐ Today Optical Experts Manufacturing (Oem) announced it has changed its name to CDA.

In August of this year, Oem purchased 100% of CDA GmbH located in Suhl, Germany. Over the last 4 months the two companies have worked to combine into one, closely aligned company with a clear vision on providing support to its customer base for many years into the future.

“This name change represents the successful acquisition and integration of Germany based CDA into the Oem family. Our one, united company is now an international leader in Disc Replication, Flash Media Solutions, and Microfunctional Solutions. This move locks in the future for our customers and employees by providing continued and international support to our replication business as well as growth towards new markets with a long future,” said Raymond Zerrusen, President and CEO of the united company.

About CDA which operates with three business units:

CDA Impressing Solutions – CDA is one of the most reliable CD, DVD, and BluRay manufacturers in the world. With locations in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and Suhl, Germany, CDA can handle all of your disc replication needs…worldwide. CDA provides complete end-­‐to-­‐end services from replication, printing, and packaging to mailing and fulfillment services.

CDA Flash Media Solutions -­‐ CDA specializes in automotive and industrial grade flash media that requires the highest level of performance in the most extreme conditions. From in car navigation and infotainment units to construction equipment working in the most severe environmental conditions in the world, CDA provides a reliable and proven solution to specifically fit your application. Our manufacturing locations include Charlotte, NC, USA and Suhl, Germany as well as 4 additional satellite flashing facilities located in China, Australia, Malaysia, and India. Form factors include SD Card, Micro SD, eMMC, SSD, USB drive devices and embedded flash.

CDA Microfunctional Solutions -­‐ CDA’s engineering expertise is the focus of this highly sophisticated contract manufacturing process. From concept, design, testing, and then to final production, CDA manufactures a wide range of precision based, micro products. The list includes gesture controls, diffractive optical elements, head up displays, lab on chip, printed electronics, and many other custom designed and manufactured items.

For additional information please contact:

Mike Glover
Executive Vice President
Sales and Service


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